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Media Team
Being a member of the media team requires you to report from a variety events, both inside and outside school. You need to be an enthusiastic team player, articulate, and self-motivating. You may also need to attend events within the local community. Being
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Safe Level One
Through completing Safe Level One you have learnt to:Set up an appropriate online profile and choose a Safe username and passwordWrite a profile which considers personal safety and protects privacyCreate or choose an appropriate image for your profileWrite
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UK Youth Digital Age Conference 2015 - Attendee
Thank you very much for coming along to the DigitalMe workshop and finding out about how we work with and support young people! Take a look at some of the projects below and how they can be used within youth settings, and get in touch with us: hello@digital
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Safe Geolocation
Whilst working through this lesson you have explored how location services on GPS-enabled devices can accurately plot your location on a global map. Through creating and sharing your Safe-Bot, you will have thought about both the positive and negative impli
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NHS Change Day
Awarded to the best comments on our NHS Change Day inspiration topic. Why not work towards the NHS Inspector Positive Change for Health badge next?
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500 Word Challenge
Awarded to all entries accepted into the 500 Word Challenge.
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Safe Feedback
Safe needs you! Earn your Safe feedback badge by letting us know how you have engaged with the Safe Resources. We would love to know where you think we should be heading with the upcoming Safe Together with O2 - Level Two resources.
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Lesson 2.3: Safe Sharing
What's the first place you would think to search when looking for content online? Youtube? Wikipedia? Pinterest? Think about where you could share your media, safely!
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This Year / Last Year
Awarded for sharing your memories of last summer and your plans for this year.
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Code Club - Felix and Herbert
Felix and Herbert Level 1 Code Club badge.