Social Care Wales

Social Care Wales is the national leadership body for social care, which aims to raise the quality of care and support so that people’s lives can be improved. It regulates and develops the workforce, and uses data and research to improve practice and service provision.
badge image for Gofalu â Balchder badge
Gofalu â Balchder
Mae'r hyfforddiant Gofal gyda Balchder yn eich herio i ddangos pa mor dda y gwyddoch y Cod drwy gwblhau prawf byr ar-lein. Bydd gweithwyr sy'n pasio'r prawf yn cael tystysgrif Gofalu a Balchder
badge image for Fforwm Rheolwyr Gofal Cymdeithasol Cofrestredig Mehefin-Gorffennaf 2017 badge
Fforwm Rheolwyr Gofal Cymdeithasol Cofrestredig Mehefin-Gorffennaf 2017
Dyfarnwyd i Reolwyr Cofrestredig Gofal Cymdeithasol Cymru sy'n mynychu un o'r Fforymau Rheolwyr Cofrestredig a gynhelir gan Gofal Cymdeithasol Cymru ym mis Mehefin / Gorffennaf 2017
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Caring with Pride
The Caring with Pride training challenges you to show how well you know the Code by completing a short online test. Workers who pass the test will get a Caring with Pride certificate.
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Social Care Ambassador
Awarded to official Care Ambassadors
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Llysgennad Gofal Cymdeithasol
Dyfarnwyd i Lysgenhadon Gofal swyddogol
badge image for Registered Social Care Managers Forum June-July 2017 badge
Registered Social Care Managers Forum June-July 2017
Awarded to Social Care Wales Registered Managers who attend one of the Registered Managers Forums run by Social Care Wales in June / July 2017
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Quality matters
Awarded to participants who attended the Quality Matters events in 2017 & 2018 and have completed tasks 1 to 4 inclusive from the Quality Matters booklet.
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Mae Ansawdd yn Bwysig
Dyfarnwyd i'r rhai sydd wedi mynychu'r digwyddiadau Mae Ansawsdd yn Bwysig yn 2017 a 2018 ac wedi cwblhau tasgau 1 i 4 o'r llyfryn Mae Ansawdd yn Bwysig