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badge image for Modern Employment and Digital Credentials badge
Modern Employment and Digital Credentials
It has never been more important to recognise, recruit and retain talent in the workplace and Digital Credentials help us see people for who they are and who they could be. The first IMS and Digitalme European Open Badges Summit will bring together high pro
badge image for Made with Code badge
Made with Code
Welcome! Mozilla is happy to partner with Google's Made with Code initiative to inspire young people to get creative with code. Below are three fun activities to help you create your own web pages by writing and remixing HTML.
badge image for Understanding GitHub for Teachers & Students badge
Understanding GitHub for Teachers & Students
How do people build software? GitHub is how people build software. More than 10 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 25 million projects. Get Started on your journey and see where GitHub can take you!
badge image for Scratch Camp - Showcase badge
Scratch Camp - Showcase
Are you a Scratch Wizard? Do you think you have the skills to create something amazing in Scratch? Are you ready to share your creations with the OBA Makers Community? Then look no further...
badge image for Open Badges Explorer badge
Open Badges Explorer
This Open Badge is issued by the Open Badge Network and acknowledges that the holder of this badge has acquired an initial understanding of Open Badges as an instrument for the recognition of learning and is interested in exploring further educational oppor
badge image for Welcome to the OBA badge
Welcome to the OBA
Welcome to the OBA, a place to find and share amazing badges from a variety of organisations. Explore the Public Badge Library and partner academies to begin your badge journey. Claim your credentials and receive recognition through endorsement of your evid
badge image for Photography Club 101 badge
Photography Club 101
This badge is an introduction to the Photography Club.
badge image for Badge Explorer badge
Badge Explorer
The earner of this badge has learned about Open Badges and understands how they can add value to themselves or an organisation. This badge will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
badge image for Open Badges 101 badge
Open Badges 101
This badge is issued to those showing an awareness of what Open Badges are - and how they are different from digital badges.
badge image for Meme School badge
Meme School
Create memes that support copyright reform! You’ll learn how to use pictures from the public domain to gain a better understanding of the implications of outdated copyright law.
badge image for Contribute to the Commons badge
Contribute to the Commons
Help people understand the value of content we can all use freely by contributing your own content under a Creative Commons license.
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