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badge image for Stand UP badge
Stand UP
This badge acknowledges that you have been engaged in a range of Stand UP opportunities, helping raise the voice of young people , getting involved in the decision making processes that have an impact on young people and their families. This badge covers a
badge image for App Building badge
App Building
Want to build an app? Have you already built one? Then earn your A2E App Building badge and show us what you've got!
badge image for Level 1 - Understanding Teaching, Learning and Behaviour and Technology badge
Level 1 - Understanding Teaching, Learning and Behaviour and Technology
This badge shows that you understand the issues around the impact of technology on teaching, learning and behaviour in schools. To earn this badge, you will have to carry out some research, and then complete tasks related to your work.
badge image for ENCRYPT - Become an encryption champion badge
ENCRYPT - Become an encryption champion
Will you help others understand what encryption is and stand up for strong encryption when it matters most?
badge image for EdTech User: Showcase badge
EdTech User: Showcase
This badge shows that you are committed to using EdTech within your practice - Be a proud EdTech User and help support others in utilising these technologies!
badge image for Go2B Aware (Email Issue) badge
Go2B Aware (Email Issue)
This badge is the email issue only version of the Go2B Aware badge. It is awarded to those that have been made aware, through communications by project partners, of the objectives and structure of Go2B programme (digital badging for student exchanges).
badge image for Presenter badge
Awarded for presentation of new ideas, technologies and experiences at #SUSALT16 Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Conference 'Inspiring Teaching, Enhancing Assessment and Engaging Students' in June 2016. The badge earner will have submitted
badge image for City of Learning Summit Event badge
City of Learning Summit Event
The earner of this badge has attended the RSA Cities of Learning Summit Event 22nd March 2016. They have helped shape the vision for the first UK City of Learning which aims to to close the opportunity gap by transforming how young people access and experie
badge image for Participant badge
Awarded to those who participated in the #SUSALT16 Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Conference in June 2016 as part of Continued Professional Development Activity facilitated by SALT. The conference is an annual event focusing on 'Inspiring T
badge image for Teacher Development Seminar: Treviso 25th November 2015 badge
Teacher Development Seminar: Treviso 25th November 2015
The Cambridge English Teacher Development Seminar badge is awarded to teachers who attended the seminar in Treviso on 25th November 2015. The Professional Development seminar was held between 15.00-18.00
badge image for Voluntário Principal 2017 badge
Voluntário Principal 2017
A core team member of the community work actively on community building and discussions, have a response time of at least 72 hours and attend online meetings at least once a month.
badge image for IGU badge
Is Güvenligi Uzmani, IGU Occupational Safety Specialist, OSS
badge image for Volunteer 2016 badge
Volunteer 2016
Volunteering at MozFest is a blast. Year after year we see so many loyal veterans return to help make the event run as smoothly as it does. In short - there wouldn't be a MozFest without these dedicated few. In 2014, our most committed volunteer, a passiona
badge image for BBC Make it Digital badge for Digital Creativity badge
BBC Make it Digital badge for Digital Creativity
The BBC Make it Digital badge for Digital Creativity recognises the amazing talents of digital makers and shapers by celebrating skills in taking technology and turning it into something unique, exciting and never seen before. This badge will showcase indiv
badge image for O2 Internet of Things (IoT) badge
O2 Internet of Things (IoT)
Employer: The earner of this badge can demonstrate an understanding of the IoT, clearly communicate an engaging example of how it works and explain key features of its accelerated adoption within industry. Earner: To earn this badge you need to understand w
badge image for Participant 2016 badge
Participant 2016
Welcome to MozFest!! MozFest is about improving the open Web with new ideas and creations. It’s also about sharing the open philosophy. Get involved in as many, or as few sessions as you can - but most of all make sure you enjoy yourself, and meet as many a
badge image for Antibiotic Guardian Champion badge
Antibiotic Guardian Champion
As part of the UK’s activities for World Antibiotic Awareness Week (14 - 20 November 2016) and European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18 November) healthcare students and pre-registration professionals are invited to become Antibiotic Guardian Champions. Earn y
badge image for OBA Makers Showcase badge
OBA Makers Showcase
Explore, learn, make, hack and create - we want to see just what you're made of! This badge lets you show off your skills without being restricted by boundaries! So, show us what you've got - set the world on fire with the next great piece of tech!
badge image for OBN: Member badge
OBN: Member
Members of the Open Badge Network (OBN) are advocates of the Open Badge standard. They have registered with the OBN to be kept up to date with Open Badge Network news and events.
badge image for O2 Web Maker badge
O2 Web Maker
To earn the O2 Web Maker badge you need to create your own website for a product of service that could help make a difference or tackle a problem within your community.
badge image for 2015 Facilitator badge
2015 Facilitator
Thank you for helping to 'Make the Web a Better Place' - Sharing your skills, knowledge and interests through your sessions you have help to inspire attendees of MozFest 2015!
badge image for Postcrimes badge
Highlight the absurdity of outdated copyright laws through this fun activity that let’s you create slightly rebellious selfies and send them to your local lawmaker via postcard.
badge image for Voluntário Líder 2017 badge
Voluntário Líder 2017
A team lead works to build a healthy community functional team, supporting and leading medium and long-term initiatives, openness and collaboration are main keys.
badge image for Reflection badge
The earner has created a blog or learning journal and demonstrates the ability to document their personal / group learning and to reflect on that learning.
badge image for Naace Computing CPD - Member badge
Naace Computing CPD - Member
Welcome to the Naace Computing CPD badges. For further details and information on the Level 1-3 badges please contact hello@digitalme.co.uk
badge image for Cambridge Day: Belgrade 12th March 2016 badge
Cambridge Day: Belgrade 12th March 2016
The Cambridge English 'Cambridge Day' badge is awarded to teachers who attended the seminar in Belgrade on 12th March 2016.
badge image for Voluntário Funcional 2017 badge
Voluntário Funcional 2017
A functional volunteer is the person who supports and works on community projects and contributes to community build.
badge image for Hack the Backpack Participant badge
Hack the Backpack Participant
Awarded for attending the 'Hack the Backpack' session and contributing to shaping the future of the Mozilla Backpack!
badge image for Made with Code badge
Made with Code
Welcome! Mozilla is happy to partner with Google's Made with Code initiative to inspire young people to get creative with code. Below are three fun activities to help you create your own web pages by writing and remixing HTML.
badge image for Understanding GitHub for Teachers & Students badge
Understanding GitHub for Teachers & Students
How do people build software? GitHub is how people build software. More than 10 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 25 million projects. Get Started on your journey and see where GitHub can take you!
badge image for Scratch Camp - Showcase badge
Scratch Camp - Showcase
Are you a Scratch Wizard? Do you think you have the skills to create something amazing in Scratch? Are you ready to share your creations with the OBA Makers Community? Then look no further...
badge image for Creative Cosmos Gold badge
Creative Cosmos Gold
Awarded for sharing astronomy photos that you took on a sky observing trip.
badge image for Creative Cosmos Silver badge
Creative Cosmos Silver
Awarded for observing the sky and telling us what you saw.
badge image for Claim Code Test Badge badge
Claim Code Test Badge
Earn this badge by claiming it with a claim code
badge image for Level One badge
Level One
You have completed Applecore Designs ARCHICAD Level One training.
badge image for Gymnastics badge
Proficiency in Green level gymnastics skills
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