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Safe - My Online Rep'
Earners: This badge demonstrates that you understand how to behave appropriately online and shows that you appreciate that what you do now can impact your future.Employers: This badge demonstrates that the Earner understands the importance of appropriate on
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Badge Expert
Este badge certifica a frequência, participação e realização da maioria das tarefas durante o MOOC Crachás: Como usar? ( organizado pela Equipa do projeto GamiLearning (UTAP-ICDT/IVC-ESCT/0020/2014) que de correu entre
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Badge Designer
The earner of this badge has learned how to design badges of value and apply effective practice in defining the content for a badge. This badge will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
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Welcome to the OBA
Welcome to the OBA, a place to find and share amazing badges from a variety of organisations. Explore the Public Badge Library and partner academies to begin your badge journey. Claim your credentials and receive recognition through endorsement of your evid
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