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Completing the Tranzfuser summer programme and developing a functioning Prototype to take to market. As a Tranzfuser team you have delivered on key milestones outlined in your application by combining skills and resources to create a playable prototype with
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Four days showcasing to 75,000 people, meeting target audience and networking with industry experts. Must be the Tranzfuser showcase at the national video game exhibition EGX! Preparing for, attending, collecting feedback and demonstrating positive leads
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Awarded to people who have attended a workshop, training session or event and learned the basics of Open Badges!
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Awarded to 2D / 3D / environmental artist who demonstrated outstanding artistic talent and contribution for the duration of Tranzfuser.
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Employability Practitioner CPD - Engage
The Practitioner awarded this digital credential has engaged with the 'Learning to be employable' report developed by the City & Guilds Alliance. One task needs to be completed to earn this credential (3 CPD hours assigned).
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Badge Issuer
Earner: You have learned how to create and issue Open Badges using Open Badge Academy. This badge will take approximately 60 minutes.
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March 07, 2018 03:25 AM
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