Sharing Memories and Dialogue at School (English Edition)

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

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/----/Description: This Badge is earned by learners participating in the course "Sharing Memories and Dialogue at School (English Edition)" offered by EduOpen. The Badge is to all intents and purposes the course’s certificate of attendance. /--/About the course "Sharing Memories and Dialogue at School (English Edition)": This course aims to promote new experiences of education and learning in multicultural classrooms and groups. In particular, it aims to explain a methodology of facilitating communication with and among the children. The course introduces a dialogic methodology of coordination in the classroom, which can be applied to any group of children. The dialogic methodology is combined with the competence in dealing with and comparing visual materials (photographs). The training gives to the participants the possibility to analyse and evaluate the results of both a facilitative methodology and use of visual materials, and children’s forms of participation and narratives. The course is realized in collaboration UCS – University Campus Suffolk e Friedrich Schiller University Jena. /----/Skills: The owner of this Badge participated in and successfully completed the course "Sharing Memories and Dialogue at School (English Edition)", with the following results: to recognize the features of class interaction; to identify the basic types of interaction among adults and children in school ncontexts; to learn the basics of facilitation techniques; to understand the most relevant features of dialogue with children in school; to understand the types of cross-cultural communication; to understand how the storytelling of children's memories can be promoted; to understand how the photographs can be used as tools to promote dialogue and shared memories; to recognize the ways to build individual and collective memories. /----/Criteria: The owner of this Badge successfully concluded MOOC "Sharing Memories and Dialogue at School (English Edition)" by successfully passing final exam and by obtaining certificate of course attendance.

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