Don't see your badges on Credmos?

The easiest way to add them

If you’re using any commercial badge issuing platforms, just email, phone, tweet to them and ask that they work with Credmos to make your badges be automatically discoverable.

If you are a badging platform or using self-hosted software

You need to make a BadgeList

It’s a list of all your badges, like a site map for Open Badges. It’s the same format used by the Open Badges Directory.

The BadgeList has a simple array of BadgeClass objects in JSON.

{ "badgelist": [ { "location": "" }, { "location": "" } ] }

Each items in the array list an individual "Location" of a BadgeClass object URL in it complete and proper URL format.

We recommend a convention that your BadgeList be named badges.json and be located at the root of the web domain. ie:

Once the BadgeList is live on your web site, contact us and let us know where it is.

Click Here to contact us and give us your BadgeList's location